A breakthrough tool for haematuria detection; litter granules for better follow up

ROYAL CANIN® HEMATURIA DETECTION Technology by Blücare® is a tool which enables early detection of blood in a cat’s urine making health management easier.



White granules with a reagent incorporated that turns from white to blue when it comes into contact with blood


HEMATURIA DETECTION should be used as an effective follow up at home after an episode of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).

Early detection of this key indicator can enable earlier intervention and reduce complications.


This demonstration video shows HEMATURIA DETECTION in action, one bottle holds normal, healthy ‘urine’, the other holds ‘urine’ with microscopic blood particles*, filmed in real time:


HEMATURIA DETECTION is available to order now via your Veterinary Wholesaler. To find out more information, please contact your Royal Canin Veterinary Business Manager.


*For health and safety demonstration purposes ‘urine’ bottle comprises of water and yellow food colourant to mimic urine, a very small amount of blood powder was added to the ‘haematuria’ bottle proving the efficacy of the HEMATURIA DETECTION product reagents.