A New Recommendation for Senior Cats

Coming soon – a new nutritional recommendation for cats fed Senior Consult Stage 2

From the 1st September 2020, Feline VCN Senior Consult Stage 2 diets will be discontinued, you will see these diets coming through from your wholesaler now with stickers highlighting this to make pet owners aware.

We are recommending pet owners currently feeding their cat Senior Consult Stage 2 to take this opportunity to bring their cat to their vet for a senior health check, enabling you to make the most appropriate nutritional recommendation based on the patient to support them at this stage of life.




The 1st September also marks the launch of the next territory in the Veterinary Health Nutrition range; VITAL SUPPORT.

ROYAL CANIN® VITAL SUPPORT offers tailored nutritional solutions to support pets’ Renal, Mobility and Heart function.

As part of the launch we are expanding the Renal portfolio with exciting new innovations. NEW Early Renal diet is an additional product to our Renal range and offers the closest nutritional profile to the Senior Consult Stage 2 diets.

Early Renal offers the same ageing and healthy joint support as the Senior Consult Stage 2 diets, whilst containing reduced phosphorus to nutritionally support patients with IRIS stage one of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Whilst this diet may be suitable for patients who are currently being fed a Senior Consult Stage 2 diet, we recognise your expertise in making the best nutritional recommendation for your patients. Therefore, this transition presents an opportunity to review the patients’ overall health, and nutritional requirements.

Our recommendation would be to take this opportunity to invite your customers who currently feed a Senior Consult Stage 2 diet to visit the practice with their cat for a senior consultation. This will ensure that you can recommended the most appropriate diet from within our Senior or Vital Support Range.

Click here to view the Vital Support Feline Decision Tree to see the various dietary options available to transition cats currently fed the Senior Consult Stage 2 diets based on the outcome from a senior health check. Visit our website for more information on VCN Senior Consult Stage 1 diet.


To support you with communicating the Senior Consult Stage 2 delist and the invitation to a senior health check to your clients we have provided a dedicated media pack including a email or newsletter insert to use and a social post for use on your social media platforms, download the Media Pack here.


Speak to your Royal Canin Veterinary Business Manager today for more information and you can also view the Vital Support Feline Transfer Guide here.


Stay tuned for more information on the VHN Vital Support launch coming soon!