No Pill, No Recovery…

Almost 50% of veterinary consultations are associated with a prescription¹ and 1 out of 3 pet owners admit that they have struggled to give their pet a pill or capsule².

Ensure a successful pill intake in over 91% of cases!*


  • Available for cats and in two sizes for dogs; to suit small dogs and medium or large dogs
  • Soft texture that can be easily moulded around most shapes of pills
  • Adapted energy content (moderate calorie)
  • Vitamins and Prebiotics

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*Pill Assist was shown to enable a daily pill acceptance in 91% of cases with cats, Royal Canin Internal Study 2019. 97% acceptance in medium and large dogs, 98% acceptance in small dogs, Royal Canin Internal Study 2018.

¹Banfield data, 2012

²Internal data, 2018 – Study carried out with 1800 pet owners in US, Internal study, 2019 – 111 cat owners answered in Japan.