Veterinary Health Nutrition – HEALTH MANAGEMENT


Launching July 2021, the ROYAL CANIN® HEALTH MANAGEMENT range offers tailored nutritional solutions to help support optimal health in cats and dogs.

With the rise of pet owners’ interest in providing support for optimal health care, veterinarians remain as the most trusted person regarding their pet’s health. With the Health Management range, we are providing an opportunity to recommend products and services to help maintain the health of cats and dogs.

All of the diets throughout the Health Management range are now in our new premium packaging, and also some pack size changes. The launch will also see:


We are expanding our range of wet diets with new Canine Adult Wet Pouch, Canine Neutered Adult Wet Pouch and new Canine and Feline Senior Wet Pouches

Available in chunks in gravy or loaf wet format, mixed feeding wet diets with our suitable dry food diets offers a variety of textures, which may help in supporting stimulating the pet’s appetite.


Neutering may cause changes in a cat’s metabolism, including a reduction in activity and an increased food intake, which can lead to weight gain. Recommending a diet that meets the nutritional needs of neutered cats can help to support an ideal bodyweight.

In line with our HEALTH MANAGEMENT Launch, we have taken the opportunity to review all our formulas, and as such, Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young female will be delisted in June 2021.

For clients who already feed their cat with Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young Female we recommend transitioning to Neutered Satiety Balance.

To read more about dedicated materials we have to support you with communicating the Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young Female delist and the recommendation to transition to Neutered Satiety Balance, click here.

New product naming

All of our Senior Consults diets will see a new name of Mature Consult in the Health Management launch.

ROYAL CANIN® DENTAL diets are clinically proven to efficiently reduce tartar build-up for dogs and plaque build-up for cats

Download our Dental Record chart to assist your dental procedures and consults.

New pack sizing

Feline Neutered Satiety Balance available in a new 12kg bag size

Feline Neutered Balance and Neutered Adult wet pouches are moving from 100g pouch to a 85g pouch to align with better portion control.

Canine Adult Large Dog 14kg is moving to a 13kg bag size

Canine Neutered Junior 4kg is moving to a 3.5kg bag size

Canine Adult Dog 10kg is moving to a 9kg bag size

Canine Mature Small Dog available in a new 8kg bag size

Canine Dental 14kg is moving to a 13kg bag size

Canine Dental Small Dog 2kg is moving to a 1.5kg bag size

The Canine Calm 2kg bag size and the Giant Adult 14kg bag size are being delisted.

For more information, click to download the following support materials:

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