A New Recommendation for Neutered Cats

We have a new nutritional recommendation for cats fed Neutered Young Male or Neutered Young Female

From June 2021, Feline VCN Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young Female diets will be discontinued, you will see these diets coming through from your wholesaler now with stickers highlighting this to make pet owners aware.

Our nutritional recommendation for neutered cat is Neutered Satiety Balance

Neutered Satiety Balance is an existing diet within our nutritional portfolio, this diet helps to support an optimal weight for neutered cats, thanks to an adapted calorie and high fibre content. The combination of soluble and insoluble fibres helps to limit over-eating, supporting a reduced energy intake, and can be fed to cats from neutering to 7 years.

To support you with communicating the Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young Female delist and the recommendation to transition to Neutered Satiety Balance we have provided a dedicated media pack including an email or newsletter insert to use and a social post for use on your social media platforms, download the Media Pack here.

To assist your clients cat’s transition from their existing diet, we’ll have free sample boxes available:

These boxes are free of charge for both practices and your clients. For every purchase of Neutered Young Male or Neutered Young Female, you will receive a free transition box containing a 4oog bag of Neutered Satiety Balance for your client’s cat to try.


View our transition information sheet or speak to your Royal Canin Veterinary Business Manager today for more information.




July 1st will mark the launch of the sixth and final territory in the Veterinary Health Nutrition range; HEALTH MANAGEMENT.

ROYAL CANIN® HEALTH MANAGEMENT offers tailored nutrition solutions to support cats and dogs health throughout their lives.

Since April 2019, we have been advancing our veterinary range by introducing a premium pack design and simplifying your recommendation by moving from 3 ranges to 1.

Veterinary Health Nutrition is organised around core pet health needs and covers six territories. As with our previous territory launches, we have taken the opportunity to review our nutritional solutions and take steps to streamline our range. Read more about Veterinary Health Nutrition.

Stay tuned for more information on the VHN Health Management launch coming soon!