Veterinary Health Nutrition – GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT


Gastrointestinal tract disorders are unique to each cat and dog and are amongst the top three reasons for veterinary consultations1

… and pet owners want results fast! In twelve months, the number of Google queries for “how to stop dog diarrhoea fast” has increased by 120% worldwide2.

An impaired digestive function may affect how cats and dogs utilise the nutrients in their food and prevent them from reaping the full benefits of the diet. When the delicate microbiome is disrupted, the need for a precise tailored diet is even more important.

That’s why our complete range of GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT diets are scientifically formulated with balanced fibres, including prebiotics, to support healthy digestion and digestive transit. The diet’s high energy content allows for a reduction in meal volume, delivering the added comfort of a reduced intestinal load.

Combine your expert knowledge with a complete range of tailored nutritional solutions for specific gastrointestinal challenges.

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1 Banfield data, 2018

2 Source: Google Trends. Report extracted on 13/05/2019