Introducing new START OF LIFE


Launching April 2022, the ROYAL CANIN® START OF LIFE range offers tailored nutritional solutions to support the specific needs of puppies and kittens at each stage of growth

All puppies and kittens deserve the best start in life with all aspects of care, advice and nutrition. We recognise that only by delivering proper paediatric care and nutrition, will we bring the healthiest foundation for kittens & puppies to develop into the magnificent and healthy animal they have the potential to become.

Nutrition has a huge impact on health. The WSAVA include Nutrition as the fifth Vital Assessment*. It is proven that what a puppy or kitten eats in their first months of life will impact the rest of their life. Start of Life nutrition therefore provides a good foundation for healthier adults.

In 2022, our Start of Life range will be advanced with new look packaging, new product offerings and new formulations.

Included in the range for cats and dogs are dry and wet nutritional solutions suitable from gestation / lactation / newborn supporting them through to neutering or adulthood.

Research shows that 3 out of 4 pet owners look to their vet to give them advice on what to feed their new puppy or kitten, catering for the different size categories. This range supports the veterinarian’s recommendations during their daily practise at the key first stages in a pet’s life.

Included in the launch are NEW WET DIETS

With the launch of the Start of Life territory, we have new wet product offerings for kittens; chunks in gravy, chucks in jelly and loaf texture all available in 85g pouches. For puppies we also have new wet product offerings; PUPPY Mini, Medium and Maxi chunks in gravy pouches, 85g size for Mini and 140g size for Medium and Maxi.

Introducing NEW Puppy and Kitten Growth Charts

Based on WALTHAM research, the first Puppy and Kitten Growth Charts are now available. Watch this video by Professor Alex German from the University of Liverpool, describing the charts and how to use them.

Download your digital copies here:

Or order a pack of charts for your practice through your Veterinary Business Manager.

Hear more about the development of growth charts and the importance of promoting healthy growth, by watching this two part webinar.

For more information regarding the Start of Life range, click to download the following support materials:

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