Become a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT COUNSELLOR at your practice

Develop tailored weight loss programmes and aid safe weight loss for your patients.

The Royal Canin Weight Management Counsellor programme, allows you to be recognised in your practice as THE reference point for weight management.

After completing the Royal Canin Weight Management Online eLearning modules, via the Royal Canin Academy you can apply to complete the Weight Management Counsellor programme.

Over a 3 month assessment period you will need to recruit 6 NEW patients to your weight clinic, with each patient purchasing at least one item from the ROYAL CANIN® Satiety range.

On completion of the programme you will have access to dedicated tools and materials to showcase your position as the weight management champion in your practice!

For more details on the Weight Management Online Course or the Weight Management Counsellor programme, please contact your Veterinary Business Manager.