Say Hello to NEW Feline Anallergenic!

ROYAL CANIN® has launched the latest addition to its Dermatology range at this year’s BSAVA to an audience of veterinary professionals. The new Feline Anallergenic has been specially formulated to assist in the nutritional management of adult cats with nutrient intolerance.


Veterinary professionals can use Anallergenic as the elimination diet of choice during their work up of dermatosis. Nutrient intolerance can be determined by feeding the extensively hydrolysed elimination diet for six to eight weeks followed by re-introduction of the pet’s original diet. For cases where a nutrient intolerance is proven, Hypoallergenic should be used for long-term nutritional management, although some refractory cases may need to remain on Anallergenic.


Anallergenic has been formulated with feather protein hydrolysate, starch instead of whole cereals and a combination of ingredients that help to reduce water loss through the skin and strengthen the barrier effect of the skin.


John O’Connor, Veterinary Marketing Manager at ROYAL CANIN®, said: “When a nutrient intolerance is suspected, the cat’s diet should be changed to Anallergenic without any food transition. Dermatosis is complex to understand and identifying the underlying cause can be challenging. Managing cats with dermatosis requires a long-term commitment and it is essential for vets to use nutrition as part of their work up.


“The lower the allergenic potential of the diet, the more reliable the results¹ and nutritional management with Anallergenic can be continued for the cat’s lifetime. With the new, highly palatable² Feline Anallergenic diet, ROYAL CANIN® offers the complete nutritional approach to dermatosis.”


With no quick fix for pets with dermatosis, ROYAL CANIN® is working closely with vet practices to ensure pet owners are educated to help them provide more effective support to their pet in the long term.  In addition to the new diet, ROYAL CANIN® is offering a range of communication tools including a leaflet with top tips and a video about nutrient intolerances to raise awareness of the condition and the importance of owners seeking veterinary advice. Contact your ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Business Manager for use of the communication tools.