NEW Practical Guide for Veterinarians

We are proud to produce a brand-new material; the Feline and Canine Neonatal and Pediatric Care handbook, a practical guide for veterinarians.

Grow your expertise thanks to science, insights and knowledge in neonatal and pediatric care for puppies and kittens, helping to foster a solid foundation for their health and well-being.


Cecile Coutens, Global Royal Canin President, said: “The release of this very first ROYAL CANIN® neonatal and paediatric care guide for cats and dogs is a significant step in advancing pet health care. It has gathered and articulated the best scientific and observational knowledge to serve the needs of all pet professionals involved in the early life of cats and dogs. We’re only at the beginning of showing what great care can do at the start of life, and we’ll continue to research, learn, and advance paediatric care. I would like to express my gratitude to all the experts and practitioners who have contributed to shaping or providing peer assistance for the content of this material. Special thanks to Dr. Gaillard and Dr. Peron for their leadership in this initiative.”

The pioneering manual is divided into six sections, covering the period from preparation to parturition to the beginning of adulthood. Within these sections, readers will find 75 incisive yet concise articles written by an extensive panel of 25 external and internal experts, addressing a wide range of pain points. Each article comprises a double page for most topics and is designed to be easily accessible.

The book delves into the essentials of motherhood readiness, including the importance of appropriate nutrition during gestation, vaccination to safeguard health, and deworming to prevent potential complications. It also explores, among other topics, special and pathologic conditions that may occur throughout pregnancy and ways to manage them. The handbook is available in e-book formats in English with French and Spanish versions to be launched later in the year.

Dr. Denise Elliott, Royal Canin Global R&D Vice-President, commented: “At ROYAL CANIN®, we continually push the boundaries of our knowledge by working in partnership with pet professionals and scientific communities to expand and acquire a deep understanding of the precise needs of cats and dogs. The sole purpose of this book is to share this knowledge using the collective intelligence of our team of internal and external experts. It’s written to ensure each puppy and kitten has the right start of life and a chance to live to their full potential”.

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