Vet Follow Up

Have you ever struggled during weight consults to work out feeding rations for pets that need to lose weight?

Can you remember what % weight loss per week is safe for a dog or cat?

Not sure how long it will take patient’s to lose weight? What happens if you need to work out mixed feeding guidelines?

Vet Follow Up is a programme which will assist in calculating target weights and feeding rations, plot your patient’s weight loss to ensure they stay on target and provide you with details on how long it will take for the pet to reach target weight.

One of the challenges in dealing with long-term diseases such as obesity is client compliance in the months following diagnosis. Reduced compliance can often result in fewer return visits, lack of weight loss and repeat food purchases being made outside the practice.

One of the keys to increasing compliance is actively engaging with the client throughout their pets’ weight loss. Vet Follow Up will help you create a digital image of the patient in front of you and develop an individualised weight loss programme, allowing the client to feel more engaged and ensuring they continue to visit you for support, advice and repeat food purchases.


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