Royal Canin is committed to supporting the veterinary profession in challenges they face, particularly in the current financial climate.

We are proud to deliver 5 role play videos that can be easily viewed in under 3 minutes to empower empathetic value based communication with pet owners.

Engaging with pet owner challenges using the A.C.T. technique:

Acknowledge – Clarify – Transform

Click each video below to view:

Video 1 – At reception, a vet nurse engages with a pet owner’s concern on the price of his usual nutrition

Video 2 – A vet in the consult room engages with a pet owner’s worry on the price of a newly recommended diet following a diagnosis

Video 3 – A vet and a vet nurse in a consult room work together to address a pet owner’s concern about the specialised food for their fussy pet

Video 4 – A vet in a consult room engages with a pet owner’s concern about cost and benefits of nutrition and treatment

Video 5 – A vet nurse in a consult room explores a pet owner’s challenge on the cost of continuing with the specialised diet

In addition Royal Canin supports you to engage with pet owners in 30 seconds, by putting value into perspective, thanks to the daily cost calculator!

The calculation is based on the feeding amount & your product price

For more information visit Royal Canin Vet Services or contact your local Veterinary Business Manager