Weight Management Online and Counsellor

The Royal Canin Weight Management Online and Counsellor programmes are designed to improve the management of cat and dog obesity in your practice.  

Weight Management Online

This interactive, online course accounts for 8 hours of CPD and is made up of 6 modules:

  • Obesity is a Disease
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Feeding for Weight Loss
  • Communicating the Positives of Weight Loss
  • Running a Weight Loss Clinic
  • Success is a Team Effort

Once registered for the course, you will have open access, meaning that you can pause and review the modules as many times as you wish, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Keeping pets at an ideal weight can delay the onset of long term diseases and may help them to live longer1. This course will provide you with training and developing the necessary skills to support pets throughout their weight loss journey.

Once you have successfully completed all the modules and passed the knowledge based tests, you will be invited to become a Royal Canin Weight Management Counsellor!

Weight Management Counsellor

The Weight Management Counsellor programme, allows you to be recognised in your practice as THE reference point for weight management.

Over a 3 month assessment period you will need to recruit 6 NEW patients to your weight clinic, with each patient purchasing at least one item from the ROYAL CANIN® Satiety range.


You can now gain complimentary access to Weight Management Online when you register for Royal Canin eLearning.

For more details on the Weight Management Online Course or the Weight Management Counsellor programme, please contact your Veterinary Business Manager.

1 Kealy, R.D., Lawler, D.F., Ballam, J.M., Mantz, S.L., Biery, D.N., Greeley, E.H., Lust, G., Segre, M., Smith, G.K., Stowe, H.D. (2002). ‘Effects of diet restriction on life span and age related changes in dogs.’ Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, 220, pp. 1315-1320.

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